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Welcome to the Cistercian Noirlac Abbey

Located in an unspoiled setting on the banks of the River Cher, Noirlac Abbey bears the traces of nearly nine centuries of a rich and often tormented history. Today, as a perfectly restored monument, it invites visitors to come and discover its architecture of light. Also a Cultural Encounter Centre, it organises a calendar of artistic performances throughout the year.
In Berry, 40 km (25 miles) south of Bourges, the Cistercian Noirlac Abbey (12th century) is one of the best preserved monastic sites in France.

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Visits & Activities


The bocage farmland at dawn

Walk the paths of the bocage farmland at the break of day and discover the unusual atmosphere of the Cher valley

The bocage farmland at dawn

Plant printing workshop

Learn the techniques of plant printing on cloth

Plant printing workshop

The complete programme

Getting Here

How to reach Noirlac Abbey

The abbey is open every day from 1st February to 23rd December

From 15th March to 15th October
• Guided tours at 2.30 pm and 4.30 pm during the week
• Extra visit at 10.30 am on weekends, during the school holidays* and on public holidays

* 7th Apr – 13th May, 7th Jul – 2nd Sep, 20th Oct – 4th Nov

From 1st February to 14th March and from 16th October to 23rd December
• On weekends, during the school holidays and on public holidays, guided tours are at 3 pm

Cultural Encounter Centre

18200 Bruère-Allichamps

Information : +33 (0)2 48 62 01 01

Réservation : +33 (0)2 48 96 17 16

How to reach Noirlac Abbey

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How to reach Noirlac Abbey


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