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Monks' refectory

Concert InChorus Academy

The Abbey has joined forces with InChorus, the a cappella ensemble, to create an academy around singing.
Fourteen young singers will be given a glimpse of the life of a chorister and plunge into the repertoire of a cappella chants.
The academy will be led by singers Romain Bockler, Caroline Dangin-Bardot, Vincent Lièvre-Picard and the choir leader and composer Lorenzo Donati.

At the end of this period, the young singers will invite us to share the fruit of their work and occupy the location with contemporary art forms and silence…

Artistic Direction: Pascal Adoumbou

Schedule (order not yet defined) :
Giovanni Pierluigi DA PALESTRINA, Sicut Cervus (1604)
> Manuel ADNOT, Nommer l’écho, a cappella for 12 voices (creation)
> Paschal DE L’ESTOCART, Les Octonaires de la vanité du monde, excerpts (1582)
> Mathieu BOLCATO, Sueños Isleños, a cappella for 8 voices (creation)
> Joby TALBOT, Roncesvalles, excerpt from “Path of Miracles” (2005)
> Arthur Oldham, Remember O thou man (1984)
> Lorenzo DONATI, Sicut Cervus (2016)

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