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Les Traversées – Noirlac Musical Rendezvous 2021

From Italy to Scandinavia, from Spain to Russia, Persia and Jerusalem, les Traversées 2021 will open and explore the great book of universal music from past to present. These concerts are waiting to be discovered – or rediscovered – and are performed by exceptional musicians with open and contemporary perspectives. We can guarantee emotion, surprise and a little adventure in the woods.




Mélisme(s) Choir, directed by Gildas Pungier


For this new creation, Olivier Mellano has decided to go back to basics and approach vocal music, requesting Gildas Pungier’s Mélisme(s) Chamber Choir to perform a new programme of choir pieces. The programme is comprised of eight pieces which range from ecstatic, thoughtful or contemplatative, from rythmical trance to vibrational experience.
They will be performed by a choir of twelve voices. Esthetically contemporary but still rooted in old-style or baroque music, these pieces draw a single line which meanders through different harmonic worlds evoking Gesualdo, Purcell, Ligeti, Pärt…

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Mélisme(s) Chamber Choir is supported by the Ministry of Culture and Communication / DRAC Brittany, Britanny Regional Council, Côtes d’Armor Département Council and the City of Rennes. Mélisme(s) Chamber Choir is resident at the Opéra de Rennes. Mélisme(s) Chamber Choir is a member of FEVIS and PROFEDIM


Park > Outdoor Covered Stage


Laura Perrudin, voice – harp / Louis Winsberg, guitars

On one side we have Louis Winsberg, one of the most highly reputed French jazz guitarists, founder of 80s jazz-fusion band Sixun and Jaleo, the flamenco-jazz group. on the other, Laura Perrudin, young harpist and singer who has invented an unclassifiable genre which draws from jazz, folk and soul… The encounter of these two musicians has produced a magical duet which is remarkably original.

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“Laura Perrudin dismisses stereotypes with a flick of the hand. Our head spins with thousands of tight-rope artist tricks, with her joyful radicality which is so modern and spontaneous.”

Les Inrocks

Production : Colore



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Oratorio de STRADELLA
The Celestial Banquet / directed by Damien Guillon

Surtitled Concert


John the Baptist left everything in order to fullfil the mission that God had invested in him. He went to Herod’s court and implored the king to renounce his scandalous life. This drama of rare musical and emotional intensity, also surprisingly modern, plays the eternal confrontation between the spiritual and temporal, the law of God against the law of Man, the aspiration towards perfection against the temptation of mediocrity.
Heady vocal exercises, heartrending tunes, astonishing harmonies: Alessandro Stradella’s music represents Baroque theatrics supremely. Conductor Damien Guillon’s Celestial Banquet – and the team of soloists he has brought together – resonate all the strings of this absolute lyrical masterpiece.

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… From a vocal perspective, the model is the “historia sacra” established by Rossi and Carissimi, inflected by the fluid recitals of Cavalli. This is a style that Damien Guillon “…” has the keys and the colour palette: directing from the harpsichord a malleable Banquet Céleste, he manages to bring out subtle chiaroscuros, tenderly melancholic backdrops and communicative rhythmical energy.

Classica / June-July-August 2020


The Celestial Banquet in residency at Rennes Opera since 2016, receives the help of the Ministry of Culturee (DRAC Bretagne) Brittany Regional Council. The Celestial Banquet enjoys the support of the Société Générale Musical Patronage, main patron and from the Caisse des dépôts, Grand Mécène.

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