Les Traversées – 2022

The abbey has warmed in the sun, our teams are ready to welcome you, we can hear the soothing sound of steps in our brand new gardens and finally, hours of musical wealth offered by exceptional talent. This is what you can expect from the Summer 2022 Les Traversées events. The musicians invited to this year’s edition will be drawing new maps with no boundaries and no border guards, where old music, jazz and traditional music exchange the best of their history and their knowledge.

From 16H00
To 17H30

Lay Brothers' Dormitory


Michel Portal, clarinet, saxophone
Vincent Peirani, accordion
Roberto Negro, piano


We have an appointment with a French jazz legend, clarinettist Michel Portal. With him, the young generation of talented virtuosos, the charismatic personality of  accordionist Vincent Peirani and the pianist Roberto Negro. They have chosen Ravel, Stravinski and Gershwin… from whom they improvise like painters adding a supplement of soul to nature. This 87 year old funambulist has to be both heard and seen, still young and elegant, he doesn’t take jazz lightly.


From 18H00
To 19H30

Monks' refectory


Irini, vocal ensemble
Lila Hajosi, direction

The Sybils of Antiquity were supposed to explain a prodigy or a cataclysm. We know of twelve of them, who predicted the birth of Jesus, inspiring the artists of the Christian world. The art of divination is at the heart of this concert with the Prophetiae Sibyllarum by Orlando de Lassus, one of the greatest composers of the Renaissance. Echoing this is a creation of the Lebanese Zad Moultaka, a cry of warning for the planet. And from Byzantium, the bewitching chants of the orthodox lithurgy, seemingly coated in the vapours of myrrh.




Bring your own food to our picnic or just book one of our picnic baskets

Picnic baskets are prepared by Cuisinette, a Bourges caterer who works mostly with local products and, on every Les Traversées Saturday, offers a Berry Bowl: a mixed salad with cereals, vegetables, legumes and other local and/or organic produce, influenced by international tastes.

From 21H00
To 22H30

Abbey Church


Les Surprises
Louis-Noël Bestion de Camboulas, direction

The Les Surprises ensemble invites us to a master work, Johann Sebastian Bach’s Saint John Passion, composed from the gospel of the Apostle and translated into German by Luther. The cantor was asked not to write theatrical works on his arrival in Leipzig. He dared to do the exact opposite in these works – their dramatical dimension, theatrical effects, art of pace and sequence, inspired beauty, literally enable the listener to experience Christ’s martyrdom in flesh and notes.


The Les Surprises ensemble is supported by the Fondation Orange and Fondation Société Générale C’est vous l’avenir. The ensemble enjoys the support of the Ministry of DRAC Nouvelle Aquitaine, of the Regional Council of Nouvelle Aquitaine, of the City of Bordeaux and the Departement Council of the Gironde. It also enjoys ad hoc support from the Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations, the ADAMI, the SPEDIDAM, the SACEM, the Musique Nouvelle en Liberté, the Institut Français, the Centre de Musique Baroque de Versailles and the Office Artistique of Nouvelle Aquitaine region. It is a member of FEVIS (Federation of Specialty Vocal and Instrumental Ensembles) and the PROFEDIM.
The Les Surprises ensemble is in residency at Sinfonia en Périgord from 2020 to 2023 as part of the “Résidences croisées” implemented throughout France by the “Versailles Centre for Baroque Music”.


Useful information

Booking from March 28th, 2022


From Monday to Friday, 10.30am to 12.30pm and 2pm to 5.30pm. On concert Saturdays, 10am to 12pm, for the concerts of the day only.

- click "Ticketing"
- call 02 48 96 17 16
- resa@noirlac.fr
By post or visit to:
Abbaye de Noirlac
18200 Bruère-Allichamps


19 € Full price - concerts 4pm and 6pm

14 € Reduced rate - concerts 4pm and 6pm

22 € Full price - concerts 9pm

16 € Reduced rate - concerts 9pm

Free Under 12s for concerts

12 € Picnic baskets

Introductory price: reduced rate granted for 3 concerts booked from the 15 organised over 2-3 Saturdays.
Bundle 3 concerts + picnic basket on the same day / Full price: €60 - Reduced rate: €47
Bundle 3 concerts without picnic basket on same day / Full price: €48 - Reduced rate: €35
Picnic baskets can be booked at resa@noirlac.fr or on 02 48 96 17 16 : €12

Tearooms open until 9.30pm
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