Sat July 1st

Les Traversées Festival – 2023

JUNE 16th, 17th, 18th and 24th, JULY 1st and 8th
Concerts, performances, meet and greets, visits…
Over one weekend and three Saturdays, let yourself be carried by the spirit of this place. Discover its different areas, from the Abbey church to the gardens, with artists from every horizon. Seven days of concerts, encounters and exchanges showcasing an intermingling of music types, with a strong sense of sharing and conviviality.

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Lay brothers' dormitory


Rassegna Company – Bruno Allary, Artistic Director


Spatio-temporal journey


Blending baroque and amplified instruments, voices from the south and a DJ, the Rassegna Company, accustomed to temporal travels around the Mediterranean, confront 17th Century Italian madrigals and Purcell tunes with current sounds. It’s electrifying!


The Rassegna Company, accustomed to temporal travels around the Mediterranean, offers here an audacious confrontation between seventeenth century music and modern day sounds. Melodies from the greatest Italian madrigalists, fine tunesmiths from the French court and the divine Purcell, are all called upon and transformed into a three act concert: Love, Madness and Death. To perform this, we have, baroque instruments, electrified, voices from the South and a DJ who scratches on a turntable, revealing a brand new beauty in this ancient music.





Iva Bittová, violin & vocals
Maud Herrera, viola & vocals


Summit meeting


From the Prague Philharmonic to the avant-garde clubs, Iva Bittová has been enchanting the stages worldwide with her magnetic presence. When her voice and her violin meet those of Maud Herrera, young French musician who, like her, is passionate about the encounter of different traditions, a moment of grace is guaranteed.


To attend an Iva Bittová concert, is firstly to experience a presence. She is an artist who, like Meredith Monk or Björk, carries her music close to her body, like a second skin or second nature. It’s also an experience of the elementary practice of music, fed by the folklore of her native Moravia and the many musical repertoires she has approached during her travels and daily contact with nature.. These “territories graced by song”, cross the path of the young franco-venezuelian viola player Maud Herrera : with medieval polyphony and the occitan folklore of her adoptive homeland of the Haut-Agenais, a judeo-alsatian prayer and a Venezuelan work chant, her music also draws other maps, and unseen landscapes.




Meet and greet with the Rassegna Company, hosted by journalist Aude Yvanès.


Salon de thé

Picnic break

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Abbey Church


Adèle Charvet, mezzo-soprano
Le Consort : Sophie de Bardonnèche : violon, Roxana Rastegar : violon, Anna Sypniewsky : alto, Hanna Salzenstein : violoncelle, Michele Zeoli : contrebasse, Justin Taylor : clavecin
Tom Garcia : administration & production


Venetian Golden Age


Reuniting harpsichord player Justin Taylor with the cream of the young generation of French Baroque players, Le Consort offers a superb backdrop for the voice of the mezzo-soprano Adèle Charvet as we relive the Venice of Vivaldi.


Built in 1677 in Venice on land which opens onto the Grand Canal, not far from the Rialto Bridge, the Teatro San Angelo enjoyed an exceptionally rich musical production until the end of the eighteenth century, when it closed and was demolished. Antonio Vivaldi (1678-1741) was an impresario there, commissioning operas and acting as the orchestra’s concertmaster from 1713. The mezzo-soprano Adèle Charvet and the Le Consort ensemble are inviting us to rediscover the wealth and variety of the works which were created at the the theatre during its golden age, with unknown tunes from regular composers such as Chelleri, Ristori and, of course, Vivaldi. This is a repertoire that the cream of the new generation of French baroque players – Adèle Charvet and Justin Taylor, both nominated at the Victoires de la Musique Classique Awards – master perfectly.

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From April 4th
Tuesdays to Fridays, from 1.30pm to 5.30pm call 02 48 62 01 01
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20 € Full price - 3pm concert

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14 € Picnic Basket

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