Les Traversées – 2022

The abbey has warmed in the sun, our teams are ready to welcome you, we can hear the soothing sound of steps in our brand new gardens and finally, hours of musical wealth offered by exceptional talent. This is what you can expect from the Summer 2022 Les Traversées events. The musicians invited to this year’s edition will be drawing new maps with no boundaries and no border guards, where old music, jazz and traditional music exchange the best of their history and their knowledge.

From 16H00
To 17H30

Lay Brother's Refectory


Silences Trio
Guillaume de Chassy, piano – conductor / Thomas Savy, clarinets / Arnault Cuisinier, double bass
Irina de Baghy, vocals


Night and the dreams which inhabit the night, and especially the night when we are not asleep – these are favourite subjects of musicians and poets. Guillaume de Chassy is both of these. As a musician, he weaves his melodies into velvet and invites Schubert into his dreams. As a poet, he is a melancholic wordsmith and chooses Guillaume Apollinaire, William Shakespeare, David Linx… The hope of love, the upheaval of absence, introspection. The Silences trio and the voice of soprano Irina Baghy share, in a similar mood, the written part and the improvised part of a musical stroll under the moonlight.



From 18H00
To 19H30

Monks' Refectory


Marco Ambrosini, nyckelharpa – conductor
Anna-Maria Hefele, Overtone singing
Anna-Lisa Eller, kannel / Wolf Janscha, mouth harp
Eva-Maria Rusche, harpsichord


Music helps us to travel in space and time. This is the promise made by the Supersonus quintet, composed of instruments which have come from afar. The nickelharpa, a Swedish bowed viol, the kannel, an Estonian zither, the baroque harpsichord, the mouth harp and the Mongolian overtone voice, which brings mysterious traditional sounds to old music from Hildegarde von Bingen, Frescobaldi, Biber, Rameau…. Grandiose landscapes appear, Shaman dance, horsemen cross deserts, we are transported elswhere, even though we are still in our seats.




Bring your own food to our picnic or just book one of our picnic baskets

Picnic baskets are prepared by Cuisinette, a Bourges caterer who works mostly with local products and, on every Les Traversées Saturday, offers a Berry Bowl: a mixed salad with cereals, vegetables, legumes and other local and/or organic produce, influenced by international tastes.


Abbey Church


Tenebrae Choir / Nigel Short, direction


The reputation of British Choirs is firmly established. This can be seen at first hand with the Tenebrae Choir, who will dazzle the Noirlac Abbey’s chapel with a programme with the theme of resurrection and hope. The great composers from the Renaissance, the Baroque period and from later generations have been invited, composers whose choral works have illuminated the most beautiful cathedrals, abbeys and royal and papal palaces. Glorifying God, they are inspired from traditional tunes, from orthodox mysticism and popular fervour. A hymn to heavenly beauty celebrated by a majestic artform.


For purity and precision of tone, and flawless intonation, Nigel Short’s chamber choir Tenebrae is pretty much unbeatable.
The Times

Useful information

Booking from March 28th, 2022


From Monday to Friday, 10.30am to 12.30pm and 2pm to 5.30pm. On concert Saturdays, 10am to 12pm, for the concerts of the day only.

- click "Ticketing"
- call 02 48 96 17 16
- resa@noirlac.fr
By post or visit to:
Abbaye de Noirlac
18200 Bruère-Allichamps


19 € Full price - concerts 4pm and 6pm

14 € Reduced rate - concerts 4pm and 6pm

22 € Full price - concerts 9pm

16 € Reduced rate - concerts 9pm

Free Under 12s for concerts

12 € Picnic baskets

Introductory price: reduced rate granted for 3 concerts booked from the 15 organised over 2-3 Saturdays.
Bundle 3 concerts + picnic basket on the same day / Full price: €60 - Reduced rate: €47
Bundle 3 concerts without picnic basket on same day / Full price: €48 - Reduced rate: €35
Picnic baskets can be booked at resa@noirlac.fr or on 02 48 96 17 16 : €12

Tearooms open until 9.30pm
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