Mornings at the Abbey start with a coffee reception and include an Abbey-related conference and an artistic event.

From 10H00
To 12H30

Commons area and refectory

Mornings at the Abbey



10.30am / CONFERENCE  > Dressing the norm
All about female monastic garments …

Nicole Pellegrin, historian

From the moment she took the veil to the moment of her passing, a nun had to wear a “holy garment” which indicated her gender, religious order, her position in the hierarchy, her function, even location. A presumed symbol of consented poverty, assumed chastity, glorious obedience and a new life, the religious garment is “modest”, “controlled” but infinitely diverse.



11.30am / CONCERT > A voyage of sound among the memories of the world
Compagnie Cappella, Fanny Perrier-Rochas, vocals/ Matthieu Reynaud, composition

Sacred byzantine songs and Syriac a cappella chants (sung in Arabic, Aramaic and Greek) will mingle with the sound landscapes of Noirlac’s bocage farmland in an immersive audio experience under the vaults of the monks’ refectory. You will hear a western marsh harrier communicating with a lyrical voice, or the call of common frogs exchanging with a two-thousand year old prayer from Syria …


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10 € Full price per person

7 € Reduced rate per person

Free Under 12s

Reduced rate applies to students, jobseekers, RSA beneficiaries, disabled, pass’Noirlac, YEPS and pass'culture holders, 12-25 year-olds. Proof of eligibilty required.