Mornings at the Abbey start with a coffee reception and include an Abbey-related conference and an artistic event.

From 10H00
To 12H30

Commons and refectory

Mornings at the Abbey



10.30am / CONFERENCE  > Noirlac after the monks, from one religion to another?
Pascal Ory, historian

Noirlac is not visited today because it is a monastery, but because it was a monastery. If you look at it in this way, the Abbey’s history since the Revolution appears to be a concentrated version of the history of this country, regarding its successive uses: economical, social, political, cultural. This latter stage of history is remarkable in the sense that, over the last half century, the historical monument is also a place which mingles heritage and contemporary creation.



11.30am / CONCERT  > By moonlight on the green
The Curious Bards

A progamme of songs with a variety of inspiration, Irish drinking songs, hunting parties, or even texts which delicately suggest things which are related to joyous lovemaking…
Singer Ilektra Platiopoulou also performs two songs in Gaelic, whose lyrics are typical 18th Century Irish poems (called aislings). These songs are interspersed with instrumental pieces essentially based on dances which are very specific to two Celtic countries. The Scots Strathspey, with its strong character typical of Scottish dances, Irish slip-jigs with their wild rhythms or hornpipes particularly appreciated by Handel himself! This programme will bring you closer to the Celtic and Gaelic soul.



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10 € Full price per person

7 € Reduced rate per person

Free moins de 12 ans

Reduced rate applies to students, jobseekers, RSA beneficiaries, disabled, pass’Noirlac, YEPS and pass'culture holders, 12-25 year-olds. Proof of eligibilty required.
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Mornings at the Abbey – September 25th

Sunday 25 September

Coffee reception / Conference > When demons invaded the monastery / Concert by Sonia Wieder-Atherton

Mornings at the Abbey – October 9th

Sunday 9 October

Coffee reception / Conference >Cistercian resonance in contemporary art / Concert by Méliades, vocal ensemble

A whisper in your ear – Family Festival

Saturday 22 October

Start the All Saints school holidays with family shows, game courses and workshops. A customisable programme full of emotion, fun, learning and creation!