Sun May 28th


For the 2023 season, the Mornings at the Abbey were designed as a cycle of events by the historian Patrick Boucheron, Professor at the Collège de France, with the title “Des Moyens Âges contemporains” (Contemporary Middle Ages).

From 10H00
To 12H30


Mornings at the Abbey



10.30am / SHOW > Apparently, ears don’t have eyelids
Musical theatre, followed by a meet and greet with the team of artists
Pierre Baux, actor/ Garth Knox, viola / Benjamin Dupé : directing and music


An unusual Morning at the Abbey, as it is a (surprising) musical theatre show written by Benjamin Dupé and inspired by… La Haine de la musique (Hating Music), book by Pascal Quignard. A show followed by a meet and greet with the team of artists.

“When music was rare, its calling was deeply moving as was its dizzying seduction. When the calling is incessant, music repels. Silence has become modern dizziness, as Pascal Quignard wrote in La Haine de la musique. This book inspired composer Benjamin Dupé to create this surprising show for violist and actor, originally for the Avignon Festival. Garth Knox and Pierre Baux engage in a verbal-musical ping pong match which challenges both our listening and our understanding: is music a mirage or a miracle?

The show will be followed by a meet and greet with the team of artists..


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- call 02 48 62 01 01 from Tuesdays to Fridays, from 1.30pm to 5.30pm


10 € Full price per person

8 € Reduced rate per person

Free moins de 12 ans

Reduced rate applies to students, jobseekers, RSA beneficiaries, disabled, pass’Noirlac, YEPS and pass'culture holders, 12-25 year-olds. Proof of eligibilty required.
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