Mornings at the Abbey start with a coffee reception and include an Abbey-related conference and an artistic event.

From 10H00
To 12H30

Commons and refectory

Mornings at the Abbey




10.30am / CONFERENCE  > Joan of Arc Superstar, from Méliès to Dumont
Brigitte Rollet, historian, authorized researcher at the Centre d’Histoire Culturelle des Sociétés contemporaines, Political Sciences Professor and French Cinema scientist.

Saint and/or heretic, Joan of Arc is a recurring figure in medieval imagination. Using excerpts from films, the conference will investigate constructions and movie interpretations of the “Celluloid Maid”.



11h30 / CONCERT  > Exiles, those who stay and those who leave…

Trobar Project
Eugénie de Mey, vocals and artistic direction/ Pierre Hamon, flutes / Julien Lahaye, percussion

Since time immemorial, exile has been part of man’s landscape… and of women’s song. Women of the 12th and 13th Centuries, poets who were compelled to stay in their homelands and wait anxiously for their loved ones who had left for the Crusades. Those who, on the contrary, from the first biblical accounts up to our day, have risked their own lives on the roads of voluntary or forced exile…
Trobar Project gives a voice to these women, embracing the crossroads of ages, places, languages and stories; all with the common thread of their organic relationship to the land, the land we leave, the land we desire, the land which holds us… Mystic psalmodies, traditional chants, troubadour songs (the first poems in the vernacular language), sepharadic chants, all sing about these exiles. Men are also mentioned: those who are loved, those who are absent but also those complicit friends who, wisely, have been able to offer their words and their music to express women’s feelings so closely.

Useful information

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10 € Full price per person

7 € Reduced rate per person

Free under 12s

Reduced rate applies to students, jobseekers, RSA beneficiaries, disabled, pass’Noirlac, YEPS and pass'culture holders, 12-25 year-olds. Proof of eligibilty required.
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