Sunday, October 9

Mornings at the Abbey start with a coffee reception and include an Abbey-related conference and an artistic event.

From 10H00
To 12H30

Commons and refectory

Mornings at the Abbey



10.30am / CONFERENCE  > Cistercian resonance in contemporary art
Isabelle Saint-Martin, Director of Studies at the École Pratique des Hautes Études
In the 1970s, Raynaud and Mauret’s Noirlac stained-glass windows opened a new chapter in the meeting between artists and heritage buildings. This unusual encounter is not entirely unlike the emblematic role that Thoronet Abbey held for 20th Century artists such as Le Corbusier. This contemporary viewpoint has therefore contributed to the rediscovery of Cistercian art – in the same way that Cistercian sobriety has been reflected in the quest for the refined shapes which are so frequent in current art.

11.30 / CONCERT
  > Roots
Méliades, vocal ensemble

It is time to return to basics … Man at the heart of nature, popular and instinctive energies, fear, joy, dance, rituals…
Mystery and contrast feed this programme comprising pieces from Thierry Machuel or Patrick Burgau…


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