The Traversées, like 80 other famous festivals in France, are part of the network France Festivals, a federation that represents its members before official bodies and promotes the artistic events they organise.

Certified by the Ministry of Culture in October 2008, Noirlac Abbey is a member of the Association of Cultural Encounter Centres, an organisation that brings together all the European sites carrying this label which are driven by the same ambition: to revive a heritage site by developing, in parallel, a major contemporary artistic and cultural project.

Since the abbey programmes several contemporary musical creations every year, it is also part of the network Futurs Composés, which brings together more than 130 active members from the world of musical creation.

Noirlac Abbey is a member of the European Charter of Cistercian Abbeys and Sites in Europe. This network includes major and lesser known religious sites; public or private properties, either still occupied by Cistercian communities or transformed into cultural and tourist facilities.