The Ministry of Culture / Regional Directorate of Cultural Affairs for the Centre-Val de Loire Region, as well as Region Centre-Val de Loire, assist the Cher Department in the support it gives Noirlac Abbey.

The Cher Departmental Council

As the abbey’s owner, the Cher Departmental Council prompted Noirlac’s bid to become a Cultural Encounter Centre.
The Cher Departmental Council serves the Cher territory and its inhabitants. It strives to ensure that each of its citizens has the chance to prosper, and to safeguard the attractiveness of its territory. At a time when French regions have recently been expanded, Departmental Councils’ role as a local actor is more important than ever. Its policy areas impact all inhabitants, whatever their age. Its challenges revolve around building a sustainable future for everybody. Being responsible, in particular, for social assistance, road development and maintenance, middle schools, digital development, the vitality of the not-for-profit sector, local tourism, culture and sport, and the promotion of our historical, architectural and cultural heritage, the Council serves every single citizen on a day-to-day basis.
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The Region Centre-Val de Loire

Over the years, the  Region Centre-Val de Loire has proven to be key player in the development of cultural policies. As both a patron and a participant in these projects, the Region is well positioned to drive an ambitious programme of cultural creation and dissemination. The Region attaches great and just importance to the heritage of this territory so rich in history.

As part of its cultural policy, the Centre-Val de Loire Region favors projects that closely link heritage and creation, as is the case for the Regional Domain of Chaumont-sur-Loire dedicated to creation in the fields of the visual arts and gardens.
The regional public policy has a dual purpose:

  • develop the cultural and artistic programme in the region
  • facilitate access to this programme of events for the greatest number

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The Regional Directorate of Cultural Affairs Centre-Val de Loire

Placed under the authority of the regional Prefect, the Regional Directorate of Cultural Affairs for the Centre-Val de Loire Region is responsible for steering and implementing the policies of the Ministry of Culture and Communication, in conjunction with or in support of other actors (local authorities, public institutions of inter-municipal cooperation and associations).

Its missions cover heritage, artistic creation, and the cultural industries. It is therefore the representative in the Centre-Val de Loire Region of all of the Ministry’s services.

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