Cultural activities are an indispensable vector for anchoring the abbey within the region’s social fabric. To this end, we develop partnerships throughout the year.

- with the national education system

Anne-Laure Auroux, a teacher, guides the site’s educational team as they reflect on learning activities linked with school curricula designed to raise young people’s awareness of art and heritage. Schools and institutions from elementary through to higher education are also involved in artistic and scientific projects related to Gilles Clément’s future landscaping for Noirlac.

- with socio-cultural structures, amateur artistic associations...

The abbey welcomes:
socio-cultural structures, reintegration organisations and homes for different disadvantaged populations, with the aim of facilitating public access to the facilities, the bocage farmland and the season’s events, sometimes resulting in artists performing outside the abbey walls, including at the prison or the Val d’Auron Bourges Community Social Welfare Centre

Amateur artistic associations: music schools, conservatoires, art schools…

Different local associations and cultural structures are involved in Gilles Clément’s landscaping project for the abbey.

- within the TREAC framework

Thanks to the support of its patrons, the abbey is able to drive and organise a programme named TREAC (Territories and Residencies for Artistic and Cultural Education) which aims to enrich pupils’ school career, at the crossroads of arts, culture and education.
This year, the George Sand d’Avord Middle School is playing host to the company “Entre chien et loup”.
Five classes have been involved with the artists: the Year 5 class from the Elementary School, and the classes of Years 7 to 10 from the Middle School. After discovering the different careers available in the performing arts and immersing themselves in the company’s artistic realm through an installation in the school, the pupils interviewed their peers and adults working in the school. Today, these young people are working on writing haikus, a sound creation, photographs, and a vocal and physical expression of their view of others and themselves, inspired by the interviews they conducted… The result of their work will be presented to all the pupils, their parents and interested members of the public in the form of an installation-show.
Alongside these activities at the Middle School, Camille Perreau presented her show Ciconia Ciconia for classes in the primary schools of Baugy, Villabon and Avord. It recounts the story of the stork Ciconia’s journey home to Alsace on foot from Senegal !

- within the framework of the operation "C'est mon patrimoine" (It's My Heritage)

The abbey’s cultural programme also contributes to the operation “C’est mon patrimoine” (It’s My Heritage).
The purpose of this operation is to welcome children from “urban policy” neighbourhoods and rural regeneration areas, young refugees, young offenders and people with disabilities, to make them aware of local heritage and artistic actions through different discovery days:
• Bocage Day
10 am – 11.45 am > Visit around the bocage farmland
12 midday – 1 pm > Lunch break
1 pm – 1.45 pm > Visit to the exhibition
Le Bruit du Regard or Les Pheuillus
2pm – 3.30 pm > Introductory drawing workshop or art workshop “Creating with nature”
3.30 pm > Snack
• Stained-glass Day
10 am – 11.45 am > Abbey visit
12 midday – 1 pm > Lunch break
1 pm – 1.45 pm > Discover the stained-glass windows designed by Jean-Pierre Raynaud for Noirlac Abbey
2pm – 3.30 pm > Workshop “Create a stained-glass window design in the manner of JP Raynaud”
3.30 pm > Snack
• Opera-Bus Day with the ensemble La Rêveuse
10:30 am to 12:15 pm> Abbey visit
12.30 pm to 1.30 pm> Lunch break
1.45 pm to 3.30 pm > Opera-Bus
3.30 pm > Snack
Participating structures : Tivoli Initiatives, Berry Grand Sud and Pays de Nérondes After-School Club, the Special Education Centres of Saint-Amand-Montrond and Bourges, the Community Social Welfare Centre of Val d’Auron and Chancellerie, Accueil & Promotion, the street library of the Cher Ligue de l’enseignement (Teaching League).
Learn more about the operation “C’est mon patrimoine” (It’s My Heritage)