Cultural activities are an indispensable vector for anchoring the abbey within the region’s social fabric. To this end, we develop partnerships throughout the year.

- with the national education system

Anne-Laure Auroux, a teacher, guides the site’s educational team as they reflect on learning activities linked with school curricula designed to raise young people’s awareness of art and heritage. Schools and institutions from elementary through to higher education are also involved in artistic and scientific projects related to Gilles Clément’s future landscaping for Noirlac.

- with socio-cultural structures, amateur artistic associations...

The abbey welcomes:
socio-cultural structures, reintegration organisations and homes for different disadvantaged populations, with the aim of facilitating public access to the facilities, the bocage farmland and the season’s events, sometimes resulting in artists performing outside the abbey walls.

- within the TREAC framework

Thanks to the support of its patrons, the abbey is able to drive and organise a programme named TREAC (Territories and Residencies for Artistic and Cultural Education) which aims to enrich pupils’ school career, at the crossroads of arts, culture and education.

- within the framework of the operation "C'est mon patrimoine" (It's My Heritage)

The abbey’s cultural programme also contributes to the operation “C’est mon patrimoine” (It’s My Heritage).
The purpose of this operation is to welcome children from “urban policy” neighbourhoods and rural regeneration areas, young refugees, young offenders and people with disabilities, to make them aware of local heritage and artistic actions through different discovery days.