Artists in residence

As a Cultural Encounter Centre, one of the abbey’s missions is to allow artists to further their creative musical work by placing well-equipped spaces at their disposal.
Many have already taken advantage of the ideal conditions on offer in the Farm studios and the remarkable acoustics of certain rooms in the abbey. At Noirlac they find silence, the ability to concentrate and inspiration born of the refined architecture in the heart of a privileged environment. At the end of residency, it is possible to organise an event to invite the public to preview the artist’s work.


It is also possible to record at Noirlac. The studios and certain abbey rooms are particularly suitable for sound recording, giving a unique colour to the CDs produced. In 2018, among the artists in residence or recording at Noirlac, there will feature the ensembles: Doulce Mémoire directed by Denis Raisin Dadre, Cappella Mediterranea directed by Leonardo García Alarcón, Le Concert Idéal directed by Marianne Piketty, the counter-tenor Samuel Cattiau, the Kymata trio…
For any inquiries regarding recording possibilities, please contact