The Noirlac educational team can propose various fun and/or creative activities for different age groups. Discover them below:
• The Mysterious Trunk
3 – 6 years / 1 hour 30 mins / maximum 20 children
Come and open a trunk that holds many secrets! During a trip through the abbey, children discover the monks’ way of life.
On a map they are carrying with them, young children need to place the objects found in the mysterious trunk into the correct room. Older children must reassemble a book of spells they have been given, using picture-clues contained in the trunk.
See, touch, listen: no holds are barred with this mysterious trunk…
• Little Shape Detectives
4 – 6 years / 1 hour 30 mins
Architecture and discovering shapes: a fun introduction to medieval architecture based on simple geometric shapes photographed in the abbey. The children then seek out “life-sized” examples.
A game that promotes spatial insight, the observation of shapes and awareness of volumes.
• Sketch the Abbey
From 6 years upwards / 1 hour 30 mins to 2 hours / limited to 15 children
Discover the abbey by completing a souvenir sketchbook: a “travel diary from Noirlac”
It is possible for children to continue enriching their sketchbooks through a workshop lasting between 1 hour to 1 hour 30 mins:
– calligraphy (for children from 8 years upwards)
– colouring for toddlers
• The Game of Wisdom
6 -12 years / 2 hours 30 mins / 25 children maximum
Robert de Chastillon, the founding abbot of Noirlac Abbey, feeling too old to continue, has just abandoned his office. The monks find themselves without a leader. The monks are going to have to choose one of their number to succeed him. The role should fall to the wisest monk. Who will it be? To become abbot, leader of the Noirlac community, each team must gather twelve monks in the chapter room. To gather these monks, the teams will need to acquire experience and wisdom and go through many of the trials in the life of the monastery, available through questions testing their logic, general knowledge, concentration, patience or observation, chosen by the “dice of fate”. A game whose design allows children of different ages to play together.
• Happy Families
From 7 years upwards / 1 hour to 1 hour 30 mins
2 games of Happy Families (the Rooms family and the Architectural Forms family) to discover the abbey and its architecture. Team games in the park or in a room in case of bad weather. Once the families have been reunited, the children set off around the abbey to find the elements on site.
• Missing Details: Keep your eyes peeled!
From 8 years upwards / 2 hours to 2 hours 30 mins
A team-game of observation and orientation: in possession of a series of photos of architectural details taken in the abbey, each team will have to find them in the rooms and note their precise location on a map.
• Discovering the Noirlac bocage farmland
To learn all about the history, fauna and flora of the bocage surrounding the abbey.
A fun and interactive way to discover ecosystems and a sensitive natural area in need of protection.
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