Noirlac’s educational team has a lot of fun/creative activities geared for different age groups. Find out about them all below:


  • The Details Race
    From age 3 / 1 hour / maximum 40 children
    Look for details in the architecture from photos and place them on a map, either on your own or with an adult.
    Team game


  • The Mystery Trunk
    age 3-6 / 1h30 / maximum 20 children
    Come and open a trunk full of secrets! Following a course through the Abbey, children discover the life of the monks. Younger children will carry a map and place objects found in the mystery trunk in the different rooms on their map. Older children will have to reconstruct a book of spells using stickers found in the trunk.
    See, touch and listen: anything goes with this mystery trunk…


  • Sketch the Abbey
    From 6 / 1h30 to 2h / maximum 15 children
    Discover the Abbey using a souvenir sketch book: a sort of “Noirlac Travel Diary”. There is a possibilty of extending the activity and enhancing the sketches with a 1h to 1h30 workshop:
    – calligraphy (for children from age 8)
    – colouring for younger children
  • The Wisdom Game
    For age 6-12 / 2h30 / maximum 25 children led by a guide
    Robert de Chastillon, the abbot who founded Noirlac Abbey, has just resigned as he feels too old to continue. The monks are now without a leader. We need to decide which monk could succeed him. Which one will be wise enough to take his place? To become the abbot, chief of the Noirlac community, each team must gather together twelve monks in the chapterhouse. In order to gather these monks, they will need to acquire experience and wisdom, pass a number of tests on monastery life and answer questions about logic, general knowledge, patience, concentration or observation. The questions will be selected by the “dice of destiny”. This game is designed so that children of any age can play.


  • Happy Families: the world of bees
    From age 8 / 1h30 / maximum 20 children
    Based on the famous children’s game, we will be discovering the life of bees. Here, the happy families are: The hive and its inhabitants / Bees’ different jobs / Predators / Produce of the hive / Beekeeper’s equipment / Honey-producing plants / History and legends.


  • Noirlac from past to present
    From age 8 / 1h / maximum 25 children
    Using old photos (end of 19th, beginning of 20th Century), find the places of today and place them on a map, either alone or with an adult.
    Team game.


  • Let’s create with Mother Nature
    From age 3 / 1h to 1h30 / maximum 15 children
    No need for pencils or paintbrushes. Nature will provide you with everything you need to create your temporary work of art in the bocage farmland.


  • Nature Rally
    From age 6 / 2h / maximum 25 children
    Search, find and solve. These are the three keywords for this nature rally which will help you to understand Noirlac’s bocage farmland with 12 riddles – you’ll need both your heads and your legs.


  • Discovery of water invertebrates
    From age 6 / 2h / maximum 20 children
    The bocage farmland is a living ecosystem, rich and full of surprises like the ponds of Pâtureau de l’Ombrée. Come and discover the species which live here! Find, observe and identify some water invertebrates in their natural habitat.


Be sure to bring clothes and footwear which are suitable for outdoor activities and for handling plants.


  • The concert revisited / Introduction to music
    From age 5 / 2h / maximum 15 children
    With the Concert Revisited display we will experience (or relive) a concert in the Monks’ Refectory or the Abbey Church as if we were there! After this interactive experience, children participate in a sound and acoustics based activity in the Abbey: how does our voice make a sound, where does the sound come from, is it a loud or a soft sound? This is a day to discover a unique interactive installation, to learn more about acoustics and to enjoy a sensorial experience.
    Find out more about the Concert Revisited


  • From the natural sounds of the bocage farmland to a reinvented soundscape
    From age 6 / 2h / maximum 16 children
    Compose a sensitive, naturalist and living painting from the sounds of the bocage farmland and the personal interpretation of these perceptions.


These activities are subject to the availability of the sound exploration workshop’s educational coordinator.


€3.50 € / child per half day
€7 / child per day
Free for adults accompanying children
Picnic area / Fallback solution in case of bad weather



Information and booking:

Carolle Moreau-Guillemet, Anne Tisseyre and Benjamin Payet
Abbaye de Noirlac
18200 Bruère-Allichamps

Carolle Moreau-GuillemetAnne TisseyreBenjamin Payet
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